About Nanostone Water

At Nanostone Water, our goal is to enable the long-awaited fulfillment of ceramic ultrafiltration potential in mainstream water and waste water applications. We have made a bold decision to expand our production capacity over five-fold to produce a new, larger area, and more economical ceramic ultrafiltration membrane module, the CM-151*. It is designed to solve common membrane operating problems experienced by polymeric ultrafiltration plant owners and operators. The unique design of the product, and the high capacity manufacturing facility dramatically improves the economics of the membrane, while delivering the well-recognized benefits of ceramic membranes. In addition to the improved economics of the membrane, our membrane is also compatible with a universal rack or open platform system design. Together, these result in simplified operations and a much longer membrane life. We believe that we can bring significant value to end-users and all sales channel participants as a result of these innovations.

The Nanostone Water CM-151* ceramic membrane product serves industrial and municipal applications for process water treatment, water reuse, and drinking water. Headquartered in the USA, the company has state of the art ceramic manufacturing operations in Halberstadt, Germany.

The Nanostone Water team is comprised of industry experts with deep domain expertise resulting from multiple decades of experience solving the world’s most challenging water purification problems.

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