11 Jun

Christian Gobbert, of Nanostone Water, Presents at ACHEMA Frankfurt

Christian Gobbert of Nanostone Water presents at ACHEMA Frankfurt. 

If you are attending ACHEMA this year, please come see our CSO, Christian Goebbert, present an update on the results we have had with our CM-151 membrane in a variety of water treatment applications.  On Wednesday, June 13, Christian Gobbert will be presenting a paper in the Membranes and Membrane Processes Session, we invite you to join us for the presentation.  

For more information on the conference being held June 11th - 15th, please visit the conference website.



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15 Apr

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25 Feb

Nanostone Exhibiting at 2019 Membrane Technology Conference

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10 Jun

Nanostone Co-Chairs Programme Committee for IWA Leading Edge Conference

Nanostone's Jonathan Clement is co-chair for the IWA Leading Edge Conference Programme Committee.

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