11 Jul

Nanostone Water is proud to be a sponsor at the AMTA/NWMOA Technology Transfer Workshop “Fire, Ice & Difficult Water”

July 11 – 13th - Bozeman, Montana

The AMTA/NWMOA Joint Technology Transfer Workshop will focus on membrane use in treating difficult water. Key learning opportunities include how membranes are being used to address wildfire runoff, very cold water, and other difficult to treat waters. Topics covered will include water quality concerns after a fire, considerations in treating very cold water, selecting the right membrane for the application, pretreatment considerations, and several case studies.

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10 Jun

Nanostone Water is presenting at the 16th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies

This year, Nanostone Water is presenting the application of ceramic membrane in the drinking water industry. Mr. Gilbert Galjaard, Chief Process Engineer of Nanostone Water, will talk about the overview of ceramic membrane development and its prospect. Recent adjustments in ceramic membranes and technology have led to overall lower costs, which made it possible to be adapted in drinking water treatment application and has led to a noticeable increase in applications since 2014. Nanostone Water’s segmented ultrafiltration monolith is suitable to retrofit existing polymeric plants, leading to a rapid implementation on sites where there were polymeric membranes failed.

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15 Apr

Nanostone Water to Show the CM-151 Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membrane at the IE Expo in Shanghai, China April 15th - 17th

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25 Feb

Nanostone Exhibiting at 2019 Membrane Technology Conference

Nanostone will be presenting papers and exhibiting at the 2019 Membrane Technology Conference in New Orleans.

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