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Nanostone Water, Inc. Names Peter Howes Senior Vice President of Europe & Asia Business Development

October 12, 2022

Nanostone Water Inc. has announced today that Peter Howes has been named Senior Vice President of Europe & Asia Business Development.

Peter has over 25 years of experience where he has held a number of executive leadership positions. Prior to joining Nanostone, Peter managed global businesses including, Chief Operating Officer at Praesidiad and President of Honeywell Productivity Products. Peter brings a wealth of experience, demonstrated results and a passion for growth.

“Water is one of the globe’s most precious resources, the way we use it and manage it is critically important, therefore I am delighted to have the opportunity to join Nanostone, who are at the forefront of developing and implementing solutions to manage water supplies and I look forward to working with the team and our customers as we continue to innovate,” said Peter Howes.

About Nanostone Water

Nanostone Water’s advanced ceramic-based filtration solutions physically remove suspended solids and pathogens from even the most challenging waters with reliable, robust, and cost-effective processes while significantly reducing land and environmental footprints. The Company operates an automated state-of-the-art module manufacturing plant in Germany and serves global desalination, municipal water treatment, and industrial water treatment markets from commercial offices in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S. Nanostone Water’s seawater desalination pretreatment system physically removes harmful algal blooms, suspended solids and high levels of dissolved organics from seawater with high reliability, enabling RO desalination systems to operate to rated capacity and planned costs over an extended life. The Company’s single-step solution also eliminates multiple pretreatment processes, reducing capital expense and footprint.

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