12 Dec

Nanostone Water Announces New Chief Process Engineer Gilbert Galjaard

Waltham, MA, December 12, 2018 –Nanostone Water, a manufacturer of ceramic ultrafiltration membranes, welcomes Gilbert Galjaard as their new Chief Process Engineer. Mr. Galjaard will be responsible for developing and optimizing system design and operating conditions for the application of the company’s ceramic ultrafiltration product, the CM-151TM. He will also be responsible for the continuous improvement of techno-economic models of ultrafiltration system cost and performance, and will work closely with the product engineering team.

Mr. Galjaard comes to Nanostone Water with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of drinking water technology. In his previous roles, Gilbert has performed a significant amount of research in the membrane technology field as well as held positions of Director of Research and Development, and Chief Technology Officer. His most recent role was with PWN Technologies where he served as CTO since 2014; he has been an integral part of PWN Technologies since its launch from the parent company in 2009. “Gilbert’s experience adds to our depth of knowledge about ceramic membrane applications and more broadly, water treatment technology, so we can provide more optimized solutions to address our customers’ needs,” said Joe Gifford, VP of Research and Development for Nanostone Water.

Additionally, from 2004 to 2014, Gilbert was Chair of the Membrane Technology Program Committee for IWA Leading Edge Conferences and is a member of leading industry professional associations. Since being part of this industry, Mr. Gilbert has written or contributed to over 60 published works. “His dedication to our industry and recognized leadership will have a lasting impact on Nanostone and the industry, we look forward to the contributions he will make with us,” remarked Mr. Gifford.

About Nanostone Water

The CM-151TM ceramic membrane from Nanostone Water was launched in February 2017, and is a unique high surface area pressurized ultrafiltration monolith style membrane module with improved permeate flow efficiency and lower energy consumption versus currently available ceramic membranes. The form factor enables replacement of existing PUF hollow fiber modules with minimal system modifications. Together, with the improved energy efficiency, the high surface area and unique segmented construction drastically reduces cost of ownership, making Nanostone’s ceramic UF module competitive with polymeric UF/MF systems. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, the company has ceramic manufacturing operations in Halberstadt, Germany. (



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