13 Feb

CM-151*: Nanostone’s Next Generation Segmented Ceramic Membrane is Launched

Eden Prairie, MN, Feb. 13, 2017 – Nanostone Water, a manufacturer of ceramic ultrafiltration membranes, announces today the launch of their next generation membrane product, the CM-151*. “Industry experts agree that ceramic material is more robust for water ultrafiltration membranes, however until now, it was not economically justifiable for municipal customers” said Stanton Smith, VP of Global Marketing for Nanostone Water.

The market for ceramic membranes is driven by the need for improved life-cycle cost and system longevity. End users desire simple, reliable and operator friendly treatment options that are robust to influent variations and can withstand aggressive cleaning when needed. Nanostone Water has significantly improved its product design and manufacturing process since launching the CM-131 in 2015. “These improvements enabled us to bring to market the CM-151* product with 20 percent more surface area and better system economics, offering lower total cost of ownership compared with polymeric membranes” said Brian Wise, Global Product Manager for Nanostone Water. “Our CM-151* product is now certified to NSF-61 standards and we anticipate NSF-419 certification later in 2017. Along with these certifications, the CM-151* process design is compatible with open-platform ultrafiltration skid packages in the marketplace, which enables easier adoption and retrofits.”

The new CM-151* is manufactured at Nanostone’s newly expanded, state of the art facility in Germany where production ramp-up is underway. The first CM-151* product shipments are planned for Q2 2017. The CM-151* can be seen at Nanostone’s booth (#434) at the 2017 Membrane Technology Conference, which opened today in Long Beach, California. Extensive performance verification through field trials has been conducted in the U.S. and abroad at facilities that handle municipal drinking water and wastewater reuse as well as industrial water and wastewater reuse sites. “Studies strongly indicated that the market is ready to adopt ceramic membranes if the economics make sense. Nanostone’s CM-151* represents a significant improvement in end-user economics and additionally brings to market a true ultrafiltration ceramic membrane” said Smith.

Nanostone Water ( is headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN. The CM-151* is manufactured in its ISO9001 certified factory in Germany. Nanostone focuses its commercial activities in China and North America.

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12 Dec

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Nanostone Water, a manufacturer of ceramic ultrafiltration membranes, welcomes Gilbert Galjaard as their new Chief Process Engineer. Mr. Galjaard will be responsible for developing and optimizing system design and operating conditions for the application of the company’s ceramic ultrafiltration product, the CM-151(TM).

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1 Nov

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3 Oct

Nanostone Water Welcomes Joseph Gifford as Vice President of Research and Development

Today, Nanostone Water, a manufacturer of ceramic ultrafiltration membranes, announces the hiring of Joseph Gifford as Vice President of Research and Development. Mr. Gifford’s role will be leading research and product development for Nanostone Water across the globe, building upon current technology and road mapping future generations of the Nanostone CM-151™.

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