Nanostone CM Introduction Video

Ultrafiltration: The Preferred Technology for Critical Operations

This is a short introductory video for the Nanostone Water, Inc. ceramic membrane. It highlights the key applications and benefits of the Nanostone ceramic membrane technology.

Video Transcript:

Ultrafiltration is the preferred water filtration technology for critical operations. It is the best available technology to reduce bacteria and turbidity from water sources before use in process water makeup for industries such as power plants and refineries. The system must be reliable, robust, and easy to operate.

Municipal drinking water and water recycle plants also have come to prefer ultrafiltration technology over conventional treatment methods because it is a true barrier to harmful bacteria and viruses. The public safety is at risk and operators require a system that is reliable, robust, and easy to operate.

Over the past 20 years, ultrafiltration membranes have been produced from a variety of polymers. However, the concept of a porous, polymeric, hollow fiber straw as shown here has remained unchanged. Ultrafiltration is a valuable technology, unfortunately, it is not all that robust.

Though polymeric ultrafiltration membranes have adequate performance most of the time, upsets to the system happen that can have severe results.

The most common examples are:
1) Broken membrane fibers
2) Heavy fouling from the feed stream that exceeds the design limits
3) Shorter than expected membrane life

What if an ultrafiltration membrane provided:
1) 3 to 10 times higher flux than other membranes, reducing the footprint of the membrane system?
2) 50+ % reduction in wastewater through higher recovery
3)2 to 10 times longer lifespan than other membranes
4)Made of an inert material more resistant to fouling and can be cleaned more easily
5)Allowed you to clean more aggressively if needed
6)And made not with hollow fibers, but a solid structure so you never had to repair a fiber again

What if a membrane had all of these advantages with a better total cost of ownership compared to polymeric hollow fiber systems?

The answer is a ceramic ultrafiltration membrane from Nanostone Water. Perhaps you’ve heard about ceramic membranes You may think they’re too expensive for general water treatment applications.

Think again. Progress has been made and the result is affordable next-generation ceramic ultrafiltration from Nanostone Water.

Nanostone Water is proud to introduce a breakthrough in ceramic ultrafiltration technology. The Nanostone CM-151* is the latest in ceramic membranes using advanced automated manufacturing techniques and nanotechnology ceramic coatings to reach a 30 nanometer pore size rating. Though there is advanced technology inside, the CM-151* membrane module is not so mystical from the outside.

From these examples of installations of the Nanostone CM you can see the systems are very similar to most other pressurized ultrafilter membrane plants.

Our engineering team has developed a process design for the ceramic membrane that is similar to other pressurized UF modules with deadend filtration modes used in most applications.

In fact, the Nanostone CM can be incorporated into an open platform or universal rack concept because the physical size and the operating process is so similar.

When it comes to critical operations, ceramic is the best solution. Backed with our warranty, and our technical know-how, you can be confident in the reliability, simplicity, and performance of our ceramic membranes.

Ceramic membranes are the most robust and reliable choice for water purification.