Nanostone CM Product Animation Video

Ceramic Membranes: The Most Robust and Reliable Choice for Water Purification

This animation video highlights the key features of the Nanostone CM-151* ceramic membrane module and provides a close-up view of the fluid dynamics.

Video Transcript:

Ceramic membranes are the most robust and reliable choice for water purification. Nanostone Water is proud to introduce a breakthrough in ceramic ultrafiltration technology.

The Nanostone CM 151* ceramic membrane module has 24 square meters of active surface area. The membrane is Aluminum Oxide ceramic material housed in a fiberglass vessel and is rated to 7 Bar or 100 psi pressure. The CM-151* is certified to NSF 61 and NSF 372 drinking water standards and it follows the LT2 membrane standards for verification of membrane integrity.

Unlike many other ceramic membranes, the Nanostone CM is specifically designed for treating surface water, ground water, and secondary treated waste water effluent and it typically operates in dead end filtration mode as shown here.

The patented Nanostone CM design optimizes the efficiency of water transfer by providing permeate conduit channels throughout the length of the module. This allows the module to be more productive.

Water enters the CM-151* module through the bottom of the vessel and enters the feed channels. A manufacturing breakthrough is the patented ceramic flat sheet segment design. Each ceramic segment is manufactured on an individual basis which dramatically increases the manufacturing efficiency.

The individual segments are then bound together in a monolith structure with a proprietary potting material developed to match the operating life of the ceramic membrane itself.

Feed water flows inside the channels of the ceramic module under low pressure. The ceramic membrane coating on the inside of the channel walls prevents the suspended solids, bacteria, and viruses from passing through the structure.

Periodically the membrane requires a hydraulic backwash for a few seconds which reverses the water flow through the membrane to dislodge suspended solids from the surface, and discharge this backwash water to the waste stream.

The key to performance is the nanoparticle coating. Taking a closer look. 4,000 times closer. You can see the nanoparticle coating. The very small particles are asymmetrically layered and fused together at high temperature providing a strong ceramic coating with a uniform 30 nm pore between the particles.

The Nanostone CM-151* ceramic ultrafilter membrane provides the most reliable, robust, and easy to operate solution available. With the breakthrough design and automated manufacturing process, the Nanostone CM-151* ceramic membrane provides the lowest cost of ownership compared to any other membrane available today.

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