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The world is increasingly turning to wastewater,seawater and challenged surface waters to meet growing water demands, bringing new complexities to water treatment


We make water treatment reliable, simple and cost effective with our robust ceramic filtration solutions.

Nanostone’ s advanced ceramic-based filtration solutions physically remove suspended solids and pathogens from even the most challenging waters with reliable, simple and cost-effective processes while significantly reducing land and environmental footprints.

How We Can Help


Pretreating Seawater to Maximize Desalination Plant Production and Reduce Costs

Tapping the Earth’s seawater to meet a significant part of the world’s drinking water needs requires a continuous reduction in desalination costs. Dissolved organics and suspended solids often bypass desalination pretreatment systems and foul RO membranes, forcing curtailment of production and significantly increasing desalination costs.
By employing our compact, single-step pretreatment process, plant operators can restore plant production to rated capacity and eliminate multiple capital and space-intensive pretreatment steps, leading to significantly lower treatment costs.

Replacing Conventional Municipal Water Treatment Processes With a Reliable, Compact Single-Step Process

The rapid depletion of clean aquifers is forcing greater reliance upon surface water and challenging groundwater influents, increasing the costs and complexity of treatment and compounding other water utility challenges – including upgrading and financing ageing infrastructure, siting and building new capacity near densely populated urban areas, and maintaining increasing water quality standards.

Our ultrafiltration solution physically removes pathogens and suspended solids, providing high reliability and significant cost reduction. Our compact footprint solves siting constraints and can even free up valuable, previously needed land for more profitable uses.


Providing Compact, Worry-Free On-Site Treatment for Industrial Processes

Potable water is increasingly discouraged by market pricing and regulation as a source of industrial process water. Regulatory requirements to reuse industrial wastewater or treat it to higher discharge specifications are also expanding. Both problems require greater on-site water treatment at industrial facilities.

Our compact, robust treatment systems are ideal for on-site treatment and optimized for multiple applications and industries.


A Highly Reliable Solution that Delivers Robust Performance


Treating the most challenging
water systems
433MLD treatment capacity
94Project references
114MGD treatment capacity

Our ceramic filtration membranes are literally rock-solid. Our products have been engineered and tested with rigorous, best in class, engineering methodologies and quality and reliability programs, and validated by numerous pilot studies across multiple applications and geographies. Our automated, ISO 9001-certified ceramic module factory assures consistent quality. To date, we have deployed solutions in over 60 projects worldwide and served some of the world’s leading water utilities and industry leaders – in each case with flawless results.

Nanostone will deliver a reliable, robust solution to your needs that will stands the test of time. We’ve done the work and have the data to back our commitment.


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With Nanostone, You get a Thought Partner and a Team of Experts, Not Just a Product

The Nanostone team includes the world’s foremost experts on ceramic filtration and spans decades of global experience in the water treatment industry. We bring our expertise to you to assure that you receive a solution optimized for reliability, robustness and cost.


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