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Ceramic Membrane

  • The rock solid, hydrophilic, and oxidant stable ceramic provides long life and resistance to fouling
  • True ultrafiltration membrane with tightly designed 30 nm nominal pore size for reliable removal of suspended solids and pathogens
  • Inherent high permeability, high flux structure and pore channels
  • The ceramic structure is fabricated using Nanostone’s proprietary nanomaterials

Segmented Monolith Design

  • Ceramic sheets are configured into a patented segmented monolith design
  • The design allows unrestricted permeate flow out of the ceramic material along the entire length of the module, eliminating flow restrictions and unnecessary pressure drop
  • The patented design maximizes surface area per module
  • The segmented module format, along with proprietary materials and production processes, facilitate high throughput, low-cost manufacture

High Flowrate Module

  • Each segmented monolith is integrated in a housing to provide an easy-to-use, corrosion-free module
  • The module is designed for maximum flexibility and can retrofit all major UF racks as well as be deployed in a wide range of greenfield system designs
  • Each 7 bar-rated module measures 1.9m height x 250mm diameter
  • Due to the robust ceramic membrane and segmented monolith design, the module can operate at a high flux rate with high permeability over sustained period
  • The module is resistant to high pH and, unlike polymeric membranes, has no fibers and is therefore not subject to fiber breakage
  • The vessel, end caps and potting are comprised of robust materials designed to withstand the harshest operating environments for a longer lifetime.
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