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Nanostone Water Team

Executive Leadership

Jim Fusaro
Jim Fusaro Chief Executive Officer
Mike Ahearn
Mike Ahearn Executive Chairman
Matt Ahearn
Matt Ahearn Executive Vice President Corporate Development & Strategic Planning
John Ritter
John Ritter Chief Operating Officer

Ceramic Filtration Technology Expertise

Christian Gobbert
Christian Gobbert Chief Science Officer and VP of R&D
Michael Shaw
Michael Shaw Product Management Director
Gilbert Galjaard
Gilbert Galjaard Chief Process Engineer

Business Development Leaders

Carlo Patteri
Carlo Patteri Business Leader Industrial Water
Preetha Nair
Preetha Nair Managing Director-South East Asia
Ali Ben Haj Hamida
Ali Ben Haj Hamida General Manager of MENA
Mohit Sibal
Mohit Sibal Senior Vice President – India & South East Asia

Board of Directors

Steve Kloos
Steve Kloos Partner, True North Venture Partners.
Alan Henderson
Alan Henderson Partner, True North Venture Partners.
Mike Ahearn
Mike Ahearn Partner, True North Venture Partners.
Matt Ahearn
Matt Ahearn Partner, True North Venture Partners.
Omar Al-Khudari
Omar Al-Khudari Board of Directors

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