Boiler Feed Water for Power Generation


Surface water sources like rivers and lakes are commonly used in power plants, but their variability in turbidity, organics, among others, demands extensive pre-treatment to protect RO membranes.

Nanostone’s advanced ceramic UF membranes combine multiple pre-treatment steps into a single operation, offering unmatched durability and fouling resistance. This ensures high-purity water for boiler systems, preventing scaling, corrosion, and fouling, and maintaining efficient, low-maintenance operation.

Power plants often rely on surface water sources like rivers and lakes to meet their operational needs for boiler feed water. However, these sources present challenges due to their variability in turbidity, organics, and temperature, imposing multiple pre-treatment steps to protect the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes.

Our Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membranes provide an innovative solution to challenges such as source water variability, high turbidity, constrained footprints, among others, in treating boiler feed water, offering several key benefits:

  • Compact Footprint: Our solution can fit into the small spaces that are typically available for water treatment equipment in these facilities. This is essential for retrofits and expansions where space is limited.
  • Simplified Treatment Scheme: Competing approaches typically use multimedia filtration and polymeric UF membranes. We replace both in a single-unit operation, simplifying the treatment process and reducing the overall footprint and complexity of the system.
  • Robust Operation: Our solution is robust against the variability inherent in surface waters often used to supply boiler feed, ensuring consistent performance and quality despite changes in feed water.
  • Increased Recovery: Our system achieves higher recovery than competing schemes, resulting in increased uptime and lower overall operational expenses (OPEX). This is achieved through efficient contaminant removal and reduced fouling of downstream RO systems.
  • Extended Membrane Life: Our ceramic membranes deliver a longer lifespan, reducing replacement frequency and associated costs.

Case Studies/Testimonials

  • Challenge Overview:
    The Zhejiang Hengyang Thermal Power Company, located in China’s Zhejiang province, needed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of its boiler feed water treatment system. The plant experienced significant problems with its multimedia filtration (MMF) and UF systems during high turbidity events in the river water used as a source.
  • Nanostone Solution:
    We replaced both the MMF and polymeric UF systems with its CM-151 ceramic UF membranes. This retrofit streamlined operations, reduced the need for polymer chemicals, and increased recovery rates for the RO pre-treatment solution.
  • Benefits Achieved:
    • Consistent delivery of high-quality water to the RO system with SDI values < 2 and turbidity readings < 0.1 NTU.
    • Significant reduction in operating costs due to lower chemical usage and increased membrane lifespan.
    • Improved system reliability and reduced maintenance frequency.

  • Challenge Overview:
    The Hengyang facility in China needed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of its cooling tower blowdown treatment to meet stringent environmental regulations and reduce operational costs.
  • Nanostone Solution:
    The implementation of the CM-151 ceramic ultrafiltration membrane system provided a robust pretreatment solution, protecting downstream RO systems and enabling effective ZLD operations.
  • Benefits Achieved:
    • Enhanced treatment reliability and consistency.
    • Reduced chemical usage and operational costs.
    • Achieved regulatory compliance with higher system recovery rates.

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