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Hengyang Thermal Power Company- Rapid Results in Quality, Performance & Savings

Hengyang Thermal Power Company

2X the capacity compared with PUF;
95% water recovery rate;
6 months between CIPs reliably.


Power Plant Boiler Feed Ceramic UF Membrane Retrofit

Issues with Hengyang Thermal Power plant’s existing UF system compromised its ability to reliably meet the demand for steam generation – particularly during peak season, when demand was higher and more variable:
· The fouling of polymeric UF (PUF) membranes resulted in cleaning one-to-two times a month, each requiring 12 hours offline and significant labor. The damage from such extensive fouling was often irreversible.
· Fiber breakage started within one year of PUF installation, leading to frequent system shutdowns, with each labor-intensive repair requiring a full week offline.
· Permeate quality did not meet reverse osmosis (RO) system requirements, which necessitated monthly cleanings and shortened the RO membranes’ life.

Implementation of a Nanostone Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membrane System quickly solve the problems

· Run consistently at 90m3/h, twice the capacity of the PUF in the same footprint.
· Achieve reliable permeate quality with SDI values < 2.
· Increase overall water recovery rate to > 95 percent, which was achieved by reducing cleanings to once every six months.
· Reduce the need for feedwater chemicals, simplifying the pretreatment process.

The Zhejiang Hengyang Thermal Power Company has been able to achieve lower operating costs with the more reliable and robust Nanostone CM-151 ceramic UF membranes in place. The additional benefits of guaranteed longer membrane life, higher recovery rates, lower CEB chemical usage, and reduction of a polymer chemical addition all contribute to a significant operating cost reduction, as well as consistent and reliable operations for the thermal power plant.

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