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Nanostone Water Production Breakthroughs – By John Ritter Chief Operating Officer

A short video featuring Nanostone Water’s John Ritter, Chief Operating Officer, to explain the production breakthroughs and product validation efforts.

In addition to the ceramic material and physical design breakthroughs, the segmented design of the Nanostone product enables higher volume production.

We extrude the ceramic in flat sheet segments at speeds faster than other high area ceramic membrane products. We then combine these segments together in a module format. We’ve built this facility for high capacity to serve the water treatment market and have automated nearly every step of the production process to maximize throughput at the highest possible quality control levels.

The various components and the finished modules have also undergone rigorous advanced lifecycle testing to prove the long term durability of the overall product. These tests include pressure cycling, burst pressure testing, chemical exposure to pH extremes and oxidant chemicals, as well as temperature extremes both hot and cold. We did all of this to mitigate our own risk on the extended warranties we provide and to give our customers confidence in our guarantees.

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