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Municipal Drinking Water Market

The Problems We Solve

  • As clean, simple groundwater sources are depleted reliance upon more challenged water sources is becoming the norm.
  • More challenging feedwaters require more complex and costly multi-step treatment processes. Higher levels of contaminants and greater variability in feedwater quality increase water quality risks and the frequency of fouling and operational disruptions.

Our customers can be confident of consistently achieving their water quality, operational and financial goals year over year, regardless of variable influxes of suspend solids and pathogens.


Nanostone Water’s Value Proposition

For municipal water utilities Nanostone Water provides a ceramic-based filtration system that physically removes suspended solids, viruses and other pathogens while:

  • Replacing multiple conventional treatment processes and operating at sustained high flow rates, which enables significantly higher water production out of an existing footprint or the ability to free up land for more profitable uses
  • Performing robustly over the long term without fiber breakage or the need to replace membranes

Markets We Serve

We are integrating our solutions into plant upgrade and capacity expansion projects for municipal utilities in Europe, Asia and North America. We are also retrofitting our solutions into treatment plants suffering from under-performing polymeric membrane solutions.

Featured Projects

Rapid Valley
Rapid Valley Sanitary District-A Stable, Long-term, and Resilient Solution for Clean Water and Consistent Volume
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Martindale Water Supply Corporation-Nanostone Retrofit Exceed Quality and Quantity Requirements
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