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Industrial Market

The Problems We Solve

Potable water is increasingly discouraged as a source of industrial process water (by regulation or market pricing) and being replaced with more challenging feed water sources. In addition, regulatory requirements to reuse industrial wastewater or treat it to higher discharge specifications are continuing to expand. Both problems require industrial plants to deploy or expand on-site water treatment facilities. In order to treat increasingly contaminated and variable feedwater to the purity specifications required in most industrial processes, industrial treatment solutions must be highly reliable and perform robustly across a range of harsh operating conditions. Because treatment facilities are located on-site, where space is often constrained, compact, high flow solutions are also important.


Nanostone Water’s Value Proposition

Nanostone’ s industrial ceramic filtration systems physically remove suspended solids, resist fouling and operate stably over an extended life. Our treatment plants are compact and often eliminate multiple pretreatment steps required with conventional solutions, further reducing plant footprint and capital and operating expenses.

Featured applications


Pre-treatment for RO

Cooling towers

Sidestream filtration and blowdown recycle


Primary treatment for solids removal


Suspended solids removal, pre-treatment for TDS removal/RO operations


Pre-treatment for brackish and seawater RO systems



An ideal solution for complex water challenges.

Miners face a myriad of challenges when it comes to water management. Not only are the nature of water and waste streams challenging to treat, but operations also need to be simple and trouble-free to accommodate the remote nature of the locations of mines.

Being able to treat harsh water conditions using a robust, reliable solution that does not require significant operational oversight makes the Nanostone industrial solution ideal for applications such as dewatering, tailings, acid mine drainage and general reuse.


Vastly improving RO pre-treatment at a fraction of the lifecycle cost.

High-purity water is critical to power generation and significant focus is placed on these water systems. The compact design of the Nanostone industrial solution as well as its high operational reliability and long lifespan make this solution ideal for pre-treatment of critical RO operations.

In addition, as discharge requirements become more challenging in many parts of the world, treatment of cooling tower blowdown has become a more prevalent solution to treat and reuse this waste stream. The Nanostone industrial solution is designed to protect downstream RO operations in a compact, robust footprint.


Designed for a wide range of challenging applications.

Semiconductor fabs and foundries are coming under more intense scrutiny for their environmental impact, particularly as demand increases for the latest innovations in chip design. This can be at odds with the increasing demand for water as the industry also undergoes a growing number of wafer starts.

The Nanostone industrial solution is ideally suited for a number of high-solids and harsh applications, including cutting and grinding waste, HF wastewater, CMP waste streams and UPW systems.


A cost-effective alternative in process and utility water.

Chemicals and refineries oftentimes have to treat highly variable surface water streams for higher-purity applications within their process and/or utility operations — particularly with the change of seasons. As many also look to reuse wastewater, they additionally face the challenge of removing solids to prepare the stream for beneficial reuse.

The Nanostone industrial solution is proven to be a cost-effective alternative to many conventional technologies, particularly when pre-treating for RO systems in a compact, robust footprint.

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