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Exclusive Interview by Graeme Pearce with Jürgen von Hollen, CEO of Nanostone Water

June 18, 2024

As a feedback to his blog on PFAS and ceramics last week (“PVDF Clings On While Ceramics March On”) Graeme Pearce (Membrane Consultancy Associates) had a follow up discussion with Juergen von Hollen, CEO of Nanostone Water. The idea was to understand Nanstone’s take on ceramic advantages. Here’s a transcript of the discussion:

Graeme: Great to sit down with you, Jürgen. This is your first presence at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) as CEO of Nanostone, but you have attended before in other capacities. How is it to return to SIWW in this new role?

Jürgen: It feels great to return to SIWW after all these years, this time as CEO of Nanostone Water. I thoroughly enjoy being back in the global water technology industry. While many of the people, players and topics are the same, so much has changed. Water issues that were only looming back then are now urgent realities. Leading Nanostone, I am excited to show our innovative solutions addressing these pressing challenges.

Graeme: You’ve been recently appointed and have been able to secure a major investment to accelerate Nanostone’s growth ambitions. Can you share your vision for Nanostone Water as you lead the company into this growth future?

Jürgen: Nanostone Water is a truly unique player in the busy water technology sector. We have disovered that our advanced ceramic-based filtration technology is unmatched in addressing two pressing global issues that conventional water treatment plants struggle with today: challenging water and limited space.

Graeme Pearce: Interesting term, ‘Challenging Water’. I’m sure you have a closer definition of what you mean with that?

Jürgen: By ‘challenging water’, we refer to the variability in surface water sources like rivers and lakes with fluctuating turbidity, organics, and temperature. Consider the impact of stormwater runoff, an emerging issue worldwide, or the growth of algal blooms due to rising water temperatures. These factors cause the feed water quality to not only deteriorate but also exhibit significant variability. Existing water treatment plants struggle with these phenomena, requiring multiple additional pre-treatment steps, which brings us to the second pressing issue: limited space.

Graeme: Haha, nice bridge to explaining what you mean with ‘Limited Space’.

Jürgen: Urban sprawl has encroached on our water treatment plants, especially in metropolitan areas where treatment facilities can no longer expand. Concurrently, urbanization and increasing industrial and commercial activity push up water demand. These plants must treat more water of lower and more variable intake quality within the same footprint.

Graeme: So back to my question about your vision for Nanostone and its growth ambitions, these two issues ‘Challenging Water’ and ‘Limited Space’ are at the center of your proposition and positioning?

Jürgen: Absolutely! Separately and in combination, Nanostone’s ceramic membrane technology addresses these issues exceptionally well, hence our company positioning at the Singapore International Water Week being ‘Tackling Challenging Water; Maximizing Limited Space.’ Our recent capital raise will be leveraged to enhance this unique market position through accelerated innovation and expanding our commercial reach.

Graeme: Singapore International Water Week is a huge gathering of water professionals from all over the world and a major trade show event hosting many water technology companies competing for attention. How does Nanostone’s technology stand out in the water treatment industry?

Jürgen: For us, transparency is the way to go. Let’s face it, in the water tech world, it’s pretty rare for one company to do it all. At Nanostone, we’re pretty upfront about what we’re good at and where we shine; our Sweetspot Applications. And just as importantly, we know when to step back and not tie up the time of professionals who are looking for something out of our sweet spot. It’s all about playing to our strengths and being straight about it.

Graeme: Interesting, so, who should for sure stop by at your stand?

Jürgen: Anyone facing complex water treatment challenges, particularly those dealing with variability in water quality and space constraints, should definitely stop by our stand. Municipal water authorities, industrial water managers, and urban planners will find our advanced ceramic ultrafiltration membranes and systems highly beneficial. Our ceramic ultrafiltration membranes are designed to effectively remove suspended solids and pathogens from variable, challenging water feed sources. Our technology simplifies the treatment process by eliminating the need for multiple conventional pre-treatment steps, introducing a cost- and space-effective single-step solution. Whether you’re dealing with urban water scarcity or industrial wastewater issues, our robust and efficient solutions offer a distinct and effective approach.

Graeme: How can interested parties schedule a meeting with you at SIWW 2024?

Jürgen: I’m always up for spontaneous chats at events like SIWW 2024, but to make sure we get a chance to talk, it’s best to set something up beforehand. Just drop us an email at to arrange a meeting with me or one of our expert staff members. We have a great expert team there, ready to dive into your ‘challenging water’ and ‘limited space’ issues. Come by our booth, and we’ll explore how Nanostone can fit into your unique situation!

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