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Nanostone Water’s Desalination Solution Demonstrates 97% Recovery and 97% Plant Availability

Nanostone Water Desalination Application
Aaron Chockla
September 1, 2021

In October 2020, Nanostone Water has installed a full-scale commercial demonstration module of its ceramic desalination pretreatment system in Public Utility Board’s Tuas Facility in Singapore, and stood up against the most challenging seawater.

The desalination plants in Singapore are in some cases experiencing problems with the pre-treatment when polymeric membranes are applied leading to capacity issues. However, the advantages of footprint reduction in the dense populated city-state still make this treatment preferred above conventional pretreatment. The experienced problems related to membrane fouling, integrity, and post-treatment issues caused by the water quality out of this pre-treatment. PUB has already had positive experiences with ceramic pre-treatment for low salinity surface water treatment at Chao Chu Kang Water Works (CCK WW) and is anxious to see if the advantages seen on surface water can be applied on seawater pretreatment as well. The main objective is therefore to demonstrate that ceramic membranes can be a reliable and cost-effective pre-treatment for reverse osmosis desalination and that reliability issues associated with polymeric membrane systems are not encountered with ceramic.

It has demonstrated that Nanostone desalination solution could achieve:

  1. 98% Recovery
  2. 250 LMH Flux
  3. 97% Plant Availability
  4. Optimized CEB once for every 24 hours of production
  5. Tolerance to residual oil without any performance issues

The Nanostone seawater desalination solution removes harmful algal blooms, suspended solids and high levels of dissolved organics from seawater with high reliability – enabling RO desalination systems to operate to rated capacity and planned costs over an extended life.

To learn more, please download our case study here.

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